RankNow.Ai : Best Chrome Extension for ChatGPT in 2023

To help you write better content, RankNow.ai for ChatGPT shows curated prompt templates. You can enhance your chat experience with ChatGPT’s innovative Chrome extension. Quickly answer your questions with premade prompts.

A good use for the extension is for those with little experience with chatting with chat.openai.com/chat (chatGPT). With this tool, people can use RankNow.ai to enhance their conversations immediately, with a simple interface that shows all prompts and shortcuts within ChatGPT.

You can find all the information and advice you need on any topic using RankNow.ai. With a wide range of pre-made prompts, you’ll always find answers relevant to your needs.

Features of RankNow

  • Gig description on Fiver

  • A good keyword strategy

  • Domain name generation

  • An easy-to-use tool for generating pros and cons

  • FAQs that are easy to understand

  • There are many new features in Keyword Research 2.0

The Functionality of RankNow.Ai Extension

1. Prompts that are easy to use.

2. You can generate content in other languages by clicking a language button

3. Tones to choose from

4. Write in a style that suits you

How it works:

  • You must write the topic and subtopic names

  • You should write your main keyword, your language, your tone, and your style

  • You will get long tail keywords with Search Volume, CPC, Paid Difficulty, and SEO Difficulty.

How to Install RankNow

RankNow.Ai is free and Easy to Use with your ChatGPT While you are doing research & Working in your Office.

Follow these Steps to Download RankNow Chrome Extension for ChatGPT:


Step: 1 Go to your OpenAi ChatGPT Account. After Login

Step: 2   On the New Tab, Open Google, and Search RankNow.Ai in the Google

Step: 3  Click on the First site name, ” RankNow,” Then Click on the Install Extension button at the Mid of the Page.

Step: 4  After Open Chrome Web Store, you will see RankNow Extension; Simply Press Add to ” Chrome Button “

Step: 5  Chrome Extension Will be Added Automatically & it will redirect you to ChatGPT Homepage with a New interface and some new Features.

Enjoy Using your ChatGPT Chrome Extension RankNow.Ai & Dont forget to Leave your Good Feedback after using this Amazing Made in Pakistan Extension.

Examples of Successful RankNow Conversations

Here you can see I use the Prompt ” Keyword Research ” Using RankNow.Ai and Then Enter my Seed Keyword in ChatGPT.

Using RankNow ChatGPT Provides me with All Relevant Keywords with Their CPC and Volume. You Can Select the following Option using this extension: language, tone, and Writing Style.




For content creators and writers who want to use SEO-friendly keywords and phrases in their content, RankNow.ai is a valuable tool. Users can quickly generate engaging and compelling content with the extension’s writing prompts, copywriting suggestions, and social media caption ideas.

The RankNow.ai interface and extension are user-friendly. Users can improve the quality and visibility of their content with the content suggestions provided by the tool.

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